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What’s It About?

Best described as a mash-up of all the things Shakespeare in and around the 16th Century and current day Broadway. Something Rotten!, which you have a chance to see in Las Vegas after buying the tickets online, is the hilariously funny lovechild of the brothers Wayne together with Karey Kirkpatrick, comic novelist John O’Farrell and director cum choreographer Casey Nicholaw (“The Book of Mormon”). The Broadway show is a brilliant mishmash of an outrageous spoof for all things Bard-like’ and a deliriously silly parody for the Broadway musicals, and the result is a show with gut-busting-belly-laughs and the most singing, and dancing ever seen on Broadway. And if you get the tickets, you can see it in Las Vegas now too!

Set in the year 1595 the brothers Bottom have had enough of constantly being in the shadow of “The Bard”, and they decide, from the solid and dependable advice of a soothsayer, to write the world’s very first musical. The result is a bit of a foppish flop and the brothers soon realize that in order to be a successful one, must in a face, to thine own selves be true… cue crazy jazz hands!

Something Rotten! The Musical

The musical parody is so cleverly written and we, as the audience, are introduced in hilarious ways to the marvels of then and now. Like Francis Bacon, letting us know he’s found the way to freeze meat while clutching a very much alive chicken. And the cheerleaders, yes cheerleaders in 1595, waxing lyrical about some brilliant playwrights that existed by then. Nick moans that he hates Shakespeare, “His plays are wordy, and the musical rant of Shakespeare goes on. He has no sense of the audience; Shakespeare makes the audience feel dumb.” To which the Renaissance Rockstar, aka Shakespeare’s admirers respond “Don’t be a penis, the man is a genius!”

The Bottom brothers give the writing thing their best shot possible, but for some [unknown] reason, their funny musical about the rather unfunny Black Death doesn’t sit well with their benefactor, Lord Clapham, which leaves them in a rather dubious position.

It is this combination of elitist and philistine humor that makes the whole show an absolute stand-out, which you must experience in Las Vegas. Tickets for Something Rotten in Las Vegas will give you priceless and memorable experience and you will not regret buying the tickets online. The best way to spend time is to spend it with pleasure and discovering something new, and Something Rotten is just that. Something Rotten! takes two very popular mediums, that rather up-his-own-you-know-what Shakespeare something and the musical, and combines them in such a captivating and hilarious manner that audience cannot get enough of this show. If you love stage shows and musicals and are not too precious about Shakespeare and appreciate wit and humor in their sometimes crude forms, then Something Rotten! is going to be right up your [cobbled] street. Buying the tickets online for this show in Las Vegas will make your night unforgettable because of its amazing plot and interesting performance. This awesome show will not only give you a chance to enjoy acting but also a chance to laugh and have fun with your family and friends. The humor is as dirty as the laundry water, and the characters are as hilarious as the Black Death isn’t, and you will love the costumes and musical routines. What is one of the best ways to spend the money in Las Vegas? It is to buy tickets for Something Rotten on Broadway online.

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